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Veterinary Wellbeing during Corona Virus Lockdown. How are you coping?

Veterinary Wellbeing & Corona Virus.

There are currently too many changes in our lives to count and certainly changes that weren’t predictable or easy to envisage. As a practicing vet and  business owner my daily life  has changed  completely to six weeks ago and in sitting down this morning I have asked myself deliberately – “How Am I coping?” I have been furloughed from my employed vet position – I have self isolated and now socially distancing and staying at home as advised – I am running and managing my recruitment business from home – but I have more time on my hands and am possibly a bit bored. My finances and income are completely up in the air and there are my staff and veterinary locum candidates to manage, help and consider. It is always good to remember: It is fine to not be fine and in looking around, I have discovered a phenomenal “well-being” all veterinary network. We have amazing veterinary colleagues all looking out for each other and who can help with our well-being and never has it been more needed. So let’s all rely on each other. At Carlton Professional Recruitment we have a large network of veterinary friends that we want to ensure are doing fine. From my colleagues in the office to our wonderful team of locum vets & vet nurses along to our clients and hiring managers in practice you are all part of our veterinary family and together we will support each other through this time. To this end, I have had a look around for different support  processes and organisations that may be of need and they are all vets on our doorstep. Finally, I have also curated what I think is useful information on managing home working & lockdown. Hopefully making the abnormal more normal: This guide is intended to provide some useful tips for working from home for people who are unaccustomed to doing so (i.e. Vets and Vet Nurses). Following these few tips may help to combat any potential stress related to social distancing and maintain a normal routine.  Before Work It’s important to maintain as much of your normal routine as possible. Things to consider are:
  • Try to get up and the same time as usual – don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button.
  • Get ready as if you were attending your work.
  • Use the time you would normally spend on your commute to catch up on the news.
  • Prepare a packed lunch, to avoid the temptation of daytime snacking.
  • Get some exercise in the time you would normally be commuting. A short walk, run or workout.
  • Communicate to others in the household what you’re doing and what you expect of them.
During the Day Try to maintain as normal a routine and working conditions as possible. This may be difficult or impossible for vets and vet nurses, but we can set up tasks or “jobs” we have been meaning to get done. Catch up on your veterinary CPD, study or interests. Decorate the house or renovate the garden if desired. Learn a new skill, hobby or craft.
  • Plan your workload – consider doing tasks that require the most concentration at the quietest times, and tasks you enjoy the most perhaps later in the day.
  • Set up a working area if needed – using a desk or sitting at the table is preferable and take short breaks for a change in posture if required.
  • Have some background noise to combat the social distancing – perhaps a radio, but try to avoid sitting in front of the TV.
  • Take your regular breaks and keep to your normal routine.
  • Don’t forget to move and exercise – perhaps a quick walk about the house or up and down the stairs.
  • Schedule time for catching up with family and friends.
  • Think about yours, friends and colleagues mental wellbeing – remember to be sociable. Would a phone call be better than an email?
After Work
  • Switch off laptops and mobiles.
  • Pack them away so you’re not tempted to look at them.
  • Take some time for yourself and your family.

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