Veterinary CPD Program

What is Continuing Professional Development, CPD?

Continuing professional development or CPD is an ongoing form of training that must be completed by a range of professionals to help ensure they remain professionally competent.

CPD continues to develop and maintain your professional veterinary knowledge and skills. All aspects of training are covered by CPD, from industry veterinary conferences to individual private study of single cases.

Not only is it an important part of your professional development, but it also helps grow your personal qualities too. To ensure you remain professionally competent, CPD will support you in broadening your knowledge and skills.

Who has to do CPD and why?

It is a compulsory requirement of all practicing veterinary surgeons and vet nurses listed on the RCVS Register to complete the minimum number of CPD hours.

In order to have a successful career in veterinary, it is essential to keep up to date with industry news, best practices and regulations.

Regardless of whether you work full time or part-time, as a locum or are employed, you are required to complete the minimum CPD requirements as a vet or vet nurse.

CPD should be seen as continuous progression that develops your capability and competence.

What are the CPD requirements for vets?

Practicing veterinarians are required to complete a minimum of 105 hours of CPD in any three-year period. This equates to 35 hours of CPD on average per year.

What are the CPD requirements for vet nurses?

Practicing veterinary nurses are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of CPD in any three-year period. This equates to 15 hours of CPD on average per year.

What counts as CPD?

There are many different forms of CPD activities for you to choose from so most vets and vet nurses participate in a range of activities and don’t restrict themselves to just one type.

Different development opportunities will arise throughout the year so it’s good practice to review your CPD needs regularly and put a plan in place.

The following list of activities may count towards your CPD hours, though it is not exhaustive:

  • Attending organised courses, lectures or seminars
  • Shadowing someone of being mentored in your own practice or in another practice
  • Participating in ‘learning sets’ – informal networks of colleagues who learn together. For example, by comparing and discussing case reports
  • In-house training
  • Secondments to other practices
  • Critical reading of veterinary journals and other relevant publications – keeping a reading diary/notes
  • Research, including research in preparation for giving lectures/seminars/presentations
  • Reflection accompanied by brief notes –this can include reflection on a case study, an event, lecture/seminar/presentation or from informal discussions


How to record your CPD?

The RCVS offer the Professional Development Record (PDR for vets or DPR for vet nurses). The PDR is an online platform that offers a convenient way of recording your learning throughout your career. Once you have registered to use the platform, you will have access to your personal profile where you can not only record your CPD activities but you can also store associated notes, files, plans and diary events, keeping everything organised and visible in one place.

If you prefer keeping paper records, they also offer CPD Record Cards that are available to download below.

Who is the Webinar Vet?

The Webinar Vet is an online platform that delivers quality CPD for vets and vet nurses. It was designed to make veterinary education easier, more accessible and affordable for veterinary professionals who lead very busy lives.

As an innovative and streamlined resource, The Webinar Vet enables you to complete high quality CPD learning around your busy schedule and commitments. You’re able to watch live webinars from the comfort of your own home and if the live webinar is not at a convenient time to you, no problem. All of their veterinary webinars are recorded so you can revisit them at a later time convenient to you.

What are the benefits of CPD with The Webinar Vet?

  • No travelling. With no need to travel to venues, you can complete your CPD from the comfort of your own home, saving you from late night commutes.
  • No expenses. As there’s no travelling requirement, you won’t incur any fuel, food or hotel room expenses.
  • No time wasted. You can choose which courses you sign up for at a time that is convenient for you. If you can’t afford to be away from practice, no problem. The Webinar Vet is a flexible CPD resource.
  • Unlimited access to industry experts. You’ll have access to expert speakers with specialist knowledge across a range of subjects. Simply choose the best courses to develop your knowledge and skills.
  • Stress free. The Webinar Vet will complement your busy schedule. It’s easy to find courses to fit around you, meaning less stress.

We’re committed to your professional development

We recognise the hard work our locum vets and vet nurses do for Carlton Professional Veterinary Recruitment. As a token of our appreciation, we offer the following rewards in terms of CPD:

  • For every week of work, you complete working through our veterinary recruitment agency, we’ll pay for 2 hours of CPD learning.
  • Our CPD is provided by our chosen provider, The Webinar Vet, enabling you to complete your CPD at a time convenient to you. What’s more is that because it’s online, there’s no need to travel.
  • All the CPD learning you complete via The Webinar Vet is certified for your records.
  • You’ll be given your own secure login to access your CPD training.
  • Tell us when you would like to complete your training or which webinars you would like to attend and we will arrange access for you.

Our referral scheme

Refer a friend and you could receive £50.00 and your colleague 2 hours of free CPD training*!

We work hard to maintain our reputation as the UKs leading and most trusted veterinary recruitment agency. We know our team of locum vets and vet nurses know other like-minded veterinary locums so if you’re happy to introduce your colleague to us, we would love to hear from you.

We’re dedicated to growing our team so once your colleague completes 5 days of placement through our recruitment agency, you’ll receive £50.00 (Prepaid Debit Card) and we’ll give your colleague 2 hours of free CPD training.

Get in touch with a member of our recruitment team today.