Name: Fabio Faiola
Sex: Masculine
Date of birth: 8 August 1960
Place of birth: Rome, Italy
Nationality: Italian

High School: Istituto Tecnico Agrario G. Garibaldi in Rome, Italy.
Undergraduate: Veterinary Medicine at Università di Perugia in Perugia, Italy.

Italian (mother tongue).
English (second language).

Rome, Italy, Via Aldrovandi no. 2
– Since 1998: Veterinary responsible for the health of a colony of Cebus apella (non-human primates) at “Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche” (CNR), inside the zoo “Bioparco di Roma”.
Rome, Italy, Piazzale Aldo Moro no. 5
– Since 1998: Veterinary responsible for providing continuous veterinary care at different facilities inside of the University of Rome, “La Sapienza” Campus, to monitor the wellbeing and health of the animals.
– Since 2012: Teacher of a course at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza” Campus, on “Medical Wellbeing and Current Legislation on the Use of Animals for Experimentation, for graduate students and researchers in Pharmacology and Biology.
Rome, Italy, Piazzale Ionio no. 17
– Since 1990: Practice clinic and surgery on exotic animals (birds, reptiles, non-human primates, domestic animals) at a veterinary clinic as part of a professional association with other veterinarians.

Rome, Italy, Viale Regina Elena no. 297
– Since 2016: Veterinarian in charge of compliance with Law 26/2014 on the health and wellbeing of animals kept at the EBRI (European Institute for Brain Research in Rome).

– 1990-1991: Practice as a private veterinarian with livestock for roughly one year after university.
– 1991-1993: Practice clinic and surgery as a private veterinarian at my own veterinary clinic on Via R. de Cesare in Rome (dogs and cat’s clinic and surgery).
– 1993-1999: Medical Director at my own veterinary clinic, at no. 15 Via G. Ciaralli in Rome, where practices clinical medicine and surgery on small animals (cats and dogs) and exotic (birds, birds of prey, reptiles) and wild animals.
– 1995-1999: External collaborator as a veterinarian at the Cell Biology Institute of the C.N.R. (Italian National Research Council) in Monterotondo Scalo (Province of Roma) – Buzzati-Traverso – providing consulting and care for the wellbeing of laboratory animals (rats- mice- rabbits – Xenopus frogs).
– 2000-2002: serve as an outside staff veterinarian at the CNR Biological Complex on the Viale Marx in Rome, in compliance with Legislative Decree 116/92, for the control and wellbeing of the animals kept there (Rats – Rabbits – Mice).
– 2006-2010: Veterinarian in charge of compliance with Law 26/2014 at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo scalo – Buzzati –Traverso.

– Clinic and surgery on domestic and exotic animals, paying particular attention to birds (birds of prey), reptiles and monkeys (Macaca and Cebus).
– Extensive experience in treating and diagnosing diseases and injuries in animals.
– Excellent public relations skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.
– Ability to work quickly and effectively under pressure.
– Ability to organise and prioritise workload effectively.
– Flexible and adaptable to change.
– Ability to work independently or in a team environment.
– Strong quantitative and analytical skills.

SEMINARS (include but are not limited to)
– Since 1995: Member of the ARAV “Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians”.
– London, UK 1996: Seminar of the “British Veterinary Zoological Society”.
– Italy, since 1996: A series of advanced professional seminars on medicine for small animals in Cremona, Pisa and Rome.
– Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1998: ARAV Congress.
– Italy, since 1998: Advance courses in Italy on the study of exotic animals.
– Rome, Italy 2008, Ordine Veterinari: Bioethics and Veterinary.
– Roma 2008, CNR/INMM: Training laboratory primates.
– Siena, Italy 2011, Siena Biotech: Symposium on Biosafety.
– Rome, Italy 2011-12-13, EBRI: FELASA Course, category B speaker.
– Rome, Italy, 2012: Trasport of animals and their products.
– Rome, Italy 2012, Sapienza – Università di Roma: Security in the laboratory, norms, organization and good practice.
– Milan, Italy 2013, SIVASZoo: Medicine and surgery of primates.
– Barcellona 2013: Annual FELASA Congress.
– Imola, Italy 2013, AISAL: Recognition on animal pain in Biomedic research.
– Perugia, Italy 2013, Università di Perugia: Therapy on animal pain (speaker).
– Rome, Italy, 2014, ISS: animal welfare.
– Grugliasco AISAL 2014: Alternative methods and xenotransplant.
– Turin, Italy 2014: Xenotransplant.
– Sevilla, Spain 2014: European Primate Veterinarians Symposium.
– Roma, Italy 2015, ISS: Debate on animal testing.
– Brescia, Italy 2015, IZS: Animal testing and how to be an expert on animal testing.
– Toulouse, France 2016: European Primate Veterinarian congress.
– Roma, Italy 2016: Min Salute, National Conference on Animal Health and Wellbeing.
– Roma, Italy 2016, ISS: OPBA Course and evaluation; technical and scientific evaluation of research projects.
– Roma, Italy 2016, ISS: Animal Care and the necessary quality for wellbeing.

Fabio Faiola
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine