Tier 1 – General
(previously the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme)

See http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/infs/inf21pbsgeneralmigrant

The programme is designed to allow highly skilled people to migrate to the United Kingdom to look for work or self-employment opportunities. The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is different from the Sponsored Skilled Workers arrangements because you do not need a specific job offer in the UK to apply and have the freedom to work for more than one employer.

Who can apply as a highly skilled worker?

When you apply you are awarded points based on your qualifications, previous earnings, previous UK experience, age, English language skills, and available maintenance (funds).
You must score:

  • 75 points for your attributes including:
    • age
    • qualifications
    • previous earnings
    • experience in the United Kingdom
  • 10 points for English language skills
  • 10 points for available maintenance (funds).