Working in the UK?

Want to work in the UK but don’t hold an EU/ UK passport? Due to changes over the last couple of years, it’s now much more challenging for a non-EU candidate to work here in the UK unfortunately. Tier 1 (Highly Skilled Migrant category) previously the main focus for international veterinary staff is now closed to new applications. The most recent change is the removal of the veterinary surgeons category from the shortage occupations list, so it’s now also very difficult to gain employer sponsorship under Tier 2.  Here at Carlton Professional we would be happy to discuss your situation and provide you with information on the options available to you. We cannot process any application on your behalf; however we can put you in touch with the relevant authority.

Migration to the UK still falls under the following general categories, although not all are currently open to new applications:

There are of course additional visa classes (such as spousal/dependant) not covered here, but we have summarised the most common scenarios that we experience in relation to veterinary staff.

General information on these (and other visa’s) can be found on the UK Border Agency website:

Another useful link is the self-assessment calculator which allows you to input your details against the relevant tier scale to see how you rate: