SUFFOLK – Our clients are looking to employ an experienced vet imminently – The position can be 4 or 5 days/week. Details of on call below – (a neighbouring practice provide a 24 h manned. Out of hours service that they use as below) Currently they are on an 11 vet cycle ( they are still looking for their 12 th vet ) On an 11 week cycle you would work one weekend on first call which involves being back up for house calls/ in patients from 6:30pm i.e. surgery close on Friday night You would then work Sat 8:30am – 5pm when their partner practice take phones and you revert to backup as Friday night On Sunday take calls from 8:30am to 5pm again with emergency clinic 10-12 and only see emergencies outside that At 5pm phones taken by partner practice and you are backup overnight. Normally then have 4 or 5 weekends free then work a second weekend which is 9-12am at one practice and then back to base rest of weekend Then have 4 to 5 weekends off before next first weekend. You get Friday off the following week if on first call ( or day in lieu if you do not work Friday) .Currently second on call backs up first and after 6:30pm Fridays and 5pm Sat and Sun very unlikely to get called but at moment still have in place for less experienced vets Monday to Thursday they cover calls until 10pm when partner practice take over as above. They have two vets on, as weekends with the First call vet taking the calls and the Second vet being backup. Generally have one night Mon to Thursday on first call one week and a night in second call the following week (when you virtually never get called)

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