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Is Locum Vet Career Right For Me?

In the veterinary world just as any other, people fall sick. People resign, and people retire. The veterinary world is no different to the educational world. When a teacher is sick, the students cannot just sit around twiddling their thumbs. This is where locum vet or veterinary jobs find their place. They need someone capable, who can step into the breach and maintain the practice at hand. In the veterinary world, we call this a Locum.

What is a ‘locum vet’?

Locum veterinary jobs are on a temporary basis. Across the UK and even the globe, veterinary practices need suddenly available veterinary practitioners. They must be qualified to perform the work before them, and agile enough to fit into whatever practice they attend. These veterinary understudies experience a great need for their service, and the payment matches that need. This is why locum vets and locum vet nurses can command a much higher overall pay than permanent positions.

What does it take to be a locum vet/nurse?

Before you can consider undertaking this flexible, mobile working role, you need to know if you can fit the description. A locum vet/vet nurse first and foremost must be skilled in their areas. You are recruited for the time period purely on your level of skill. The irony is of course that the best way to hone your skill as a vet or vet nurse, is in a permanent position. Working for a few years in a permanent placement builds the skills needed. And furthermore, it builds the confidence to be able to enter a new practice, assured of yourself.

It takes great confidence to work in the locum world, as you will enter a new practice every week or so. You are literally stepping into other people’s worlds, and you must ingratiate yourself within it. You must work as part of a team, and be able to understand the team very quickly. If that all wasn’t enough, you must learn new computer systems, and where things are kept, rapidly.

So, what’s the downside?

There are however, drawbacks to this lifestyle even when attained. Like a mayfly, you don’t last long wherever you go. You will never have the same connection with your clients as you would otherwise. You won’t ever be the ‘family vet with 10 years of proud service to a family’. You may not even see how many long-term cases end up. Such is the locum life, moving from place to place, doing your best and making your way.

Without a doubt, the largest problem for a locum vet first off is finding the work itself. It’s why Carlton Professional prides itself on not only finding the best locum work around. They also go to great efforts to ensure the right locum veterinary job goes to the right person. If you need help finding your veterinary work, or want to try the locum lifestyle, visit

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