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Has Covid affected locum Vet & Vet Nurse pay rates?

Are you thinking of becoming a locum but do not know what you should be charging for your time? At Carlton Professional, we are always  happy to have a no obligation chat about your earning potential as a locum vet or locum vet nurse. Veterinary Locum rates and salaries vary considerable based on a number of factors, but it is important for you to be paid and remunerated at the appropriate amount. Carlton Professional has just completed its 2021 Veterinary Pay Review and here are the  results to help guide you to positioning yourself in the market.    

There is a considerable shortage of locum staff at the moment. Three factors are playing a role:  

i) Covid 19 restrictions and concerns,  ii) Brexit resulting in the return of European vets to Europe iii) the settling in and change to pay mechanisms that IR35 compliance brings. 

Locum Vets and Vet Nurses have traditionally  charged their time out and been paid in different  ways. Take a look below at some of the information from our latest survey to give you a better idea of your earning potential and rates you could be charging through Carlton Professional.

At Carlton Professional Recruitment  we believe that our hard working locum team should be paid at the very best rates and we strive to negotiate the very best rate. Current Covid related staff shortages are seeing enhanced rates being offered in this candidate driven market. Speak to us today to negotiate an effective and fair rate on your behalf. Working through Carlton Professional Recruitment will also ensure you receive free paid for CPD, support and advice, easy invoice submission and ensure your work calendar is as full as you require

Locum Vet Daily Rates

Pay rates and salaries do vary depending on practice (independent or corporate), location (Scotland compared to London for example), and the role itself (if sole charge etc).

The average daily rates currently for Locum Vets are;

New grad                      £250 – £280 per day 

Consults only                £250 – £280 per day

1-2 years                      £280 – £300 per day

5years +                       £300 – £350 per day (some are £350 – £400 if a certificate holder) Some of our client practices are paying enhanced rates of £400pd at the moment.  This is rare though with the average enhanced pay rate settling around the £350 per day mark. Register with us to receive our locum vacancy list  where we highlight  the  roles paying enhanced rates. 

IR35 regulations has also had a significant effect on the hiring preferences of large business practices. Many “Limited Company” vet locums have found that they may need to change their business structure in order to get work  with the large corporate practices. Carlton Professional is on the preferred supplier list for a variety of corporate practices. This has given us an avenue to successfully  negotiated options for vets to continue working for corporate practices as a Limited Company. So get in touch today. We also highlight roles we have with independent practices that are applicable to limited company vet locums.     

Locum Nurse hourly rates

Whereas Vets charge a daily rate usually, Nurses will charge an hourly rate.

The average daily rates currently for Locum Nurses are:

VCA/ANA                       £13ph (could be more dependent on experience, practice, and role)

SVN                               £14 – £16ph (latter end if final year student)

Unregistered Nurse       £16 – £18ph (dependant on experience)

RVN newly qualified      £16 – £18ph

RVN 1yr +                      £18 – £20ph (higher end for all nurses currently) 

Nights                           £20 – £24+ph (RVN)

We are seeing our clients offering enhanced Locum rates for vets nurses and the  current average pay rates are  at the upper end  of the ranges above for all our locums. So get in touch today and let us negotiate a fairer pay rate you.  

OOH (Vets)

ECC – full night on duty – high volume, high pressure and often requiring high end surgery skills (GDV) and usually long shifts: £550 – £600 per night